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find the locus of the circumcentre of a triangle whose two sides are along the coordinates axes and third side passes through the point of intersection of the lines ax+by+c=0 and lx+my+n=0.

find the locus of the circumcentre of a triangle whose two sides are along the coordinates axes and third side passes through the point of intersection of the lines ax+by+c=0 and lx+my+n=0.

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IIT JEE Questions from Work Energy and Power

Q1.Adjacent figure shows the force-displacement graph of a moving body,what is the workdone by this force in displacing body from X=0 to X= 35m? Solution:

Area under the given graph Area of trapezium -( area of triangle with base 5 and height also 5 i.e from 35 to 40) 1/2×(20+40)×10-1/2×5×5 =575/2J For solution of any questions post that question in comment section. Thank you

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Gulf of Alaska

the place where two oceans meet' in the Gulf of Alaska
the place where two oceans meet," the explanation for the photo is a simple one, though there are many misconceptions about it, including that catchy title. In particular on popular link-sharing website Reddit, where users have on multiple occasions erroneously attributed the photo's location as "Where the Baltic and North Sea meet" and the two types of water as being completely incapable of ever mixing, instead perpetually butting against each other like a boundary on a map. You also may have seen a variation on the photo featuring the same phenomenon, taken by photographer Kent Smith while on a July 2010 cruise in the Gulf of Alaska. That photo too has been circulating the web for some time, though the misconceptions about it seem to be less thanks to Smith's explanation of the photo on his Flickr page. That one has also been making the rounds on Reddit and social media for years, and had racked up mor…

Class IX board paper 2017 social science

Social science IX

Class IX board paper science

Board Question Paper 2017 Science Class IX

What is bank?Can you illustrate the functions of a bank?

1.What is Bank?Can you illustrate the functions
Of a bank?
Ans.Banks are institutions which accept the deposits from the public withdraw able by cheques and by demand deposits and advances loans of various types to the borrowers is called bank.

Consumer Rights class 10 board questions(5 marks)

Board questions from the chapter "CONSUMER RIGHTS"5 marks each.                Thank you keep visiting for more....
  CLASS 10

Class 9 Board paper science SA2

Keep calm and study hard

Class 9 SA2 board paper English


Class 10 board paper SA2 SCIENCE

Class 10 board paper 2016-17

Sabrina Pasterski

beststudytutorial.blogspot.comWe all know about Sabrina if I not know than u must heard about the "PHYSICS GIRL". Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski was only 14 years old when she stepped foot into MIT’s campus offices seeking approval one morning for the single-engine plane she built. Fast forward eight years and the 22-year-old is now an MIT graduate and Harvard Ph.D. candidate interested in answering some of the most complex questions in physics, according to Yahoo. The first-generation Cuban-American woman has already received job offers from Jeff Bezos, the founder of, and aerospace developer and manufacturer Blue Origin. NASA has also shown interest in the young physicist. Pasterski’s study seeks to explore black holes and spacetime and she is particularly concentrated on explaining gravity through the context of quantum mechanics. Unlike many other young people her age, the Chicago native is not a fan of social media and has no Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram accounts.…